Our world is facing lots of problems . Some of them are threats, like that of atomic or nuclear Wars which may or may not happen , some are related to Racism and religions which may effect cities or countries at a particular point in time but The biggest and eminent threat to the world is of Global warming and cutting trees is one of the leading causes of that.

Trees provides us with fresh air as they consumes carbon-dioxide and synthesize Oxygen. They add to the beauty of the Planet and even the feeling of looking at lush green trees is just Great.

During the past few decades , trees have been cut at a tremendous pace , most of the mountains which were once jungles are now bare. We really need to counter this cutting of trees and everyone has to play a part in it.

I am playing my part in this campaign by writing this article and not only writing this article but i have just planted over 200 populus trees in the past two days.
  Why Populus , Safaida or Aspen? Because Its the easiest to plant, and these days (Month of February) is the best time to plant Populus and the top reason for selecting Populus سفیدہ for plantation is that these tree are the fastest growing trees. You would have a nice big tree within two to three years after plantation.

 What to do? Look for a Populus tree سفیدہ somewhere nearby and cut some small branches of it. Then select a place where you are going to plant those branches. Now If the soil is soft you can just insert the cut end of the branch into the soil otherwise you can make a hole either by digging or by taking a hammer and a metal rod and dig a hole equal to the size of the branch and then put the branch in that hole. Thats it. If you plant it in the begining of february then you dont need to water it as the soil is already wet due to winter rains but if you plant in march then you might need to water it two or three times .

Take a look at this nicely explained Video above to understand better.


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