There are a lot of differences between males and females or you can say boys and girls, i am going to discuss just a few of them. you dont have to agree with me on each and every one. If you disagree on any point just share your views in comments

so here we go:

Attitudes towards Relationships
Boys usually dont refer to a relationship as relationship -- he just consider it part of daily routines until its no more there." Girls think their life would be ruined if they breakup, Guys think they would be more happy after it.

After relationship ends, a girl will cry and pour rivers of tears." Then she will get on with her life.
A boy on the other hand would face more trouble letting go. Boys usually try to refrain from contacting the first few weeks or even months and then, they will call and say, "I just wanted to let you know you ruined my life and I'll never forgive you and I hate you and you're a total whore. At the same time he also wants to get back what he lost by saying, ''But I want you to know there's always a chance for us." This is known as the "I Hate You/I Love You. The picture below depicts something similar.

Girls mature much earlier in life then boys. Most of the 17-year-old girls are able to function as adults. Most 17-year-old males are still trading baseball cards and giving each other wedgies after gym class. This is why high school romances rarely work.

Difference between writing of boys and girls

A few boys have wonderful writing but most write like cat-scratch. They don't care about the pen, the color of the ink etc, Girls on the other hand love to use scented, colored stationary most of them dot their "i's" with circles and hearts and use ridiculously large loops in their "p's" and "g's".
The most adorable thing is that even when she's dumping you, she'll put a smiley face at the end of the note.

Boys usually have at most Five to six items in his bathroom -- a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, hair-gel, and a towel . Girls love to decorate the bathroom with a variety of item which most boys wont event recognize.

Friendship of Girls Vs Friendship of boys
Girls while friends seems to care for each others as if they really loved each other, boys would however scorn each other but actually do care for each other.

Boys have proven to be loyal to each other as compared to girls

Attitude towards animals
Girls love cats. Boys would swear they love cats, but when girls aren't looking, they would kick the sh.t out of cats.

The Telephone
Men see the telephone as a communications tool. They use the telephone to send short messages to other people. A woman can visit her girlfriend for two weeks, and upon returning home, she will call the same friend and they will talk for three hours.

Getting a hair cut
Girls love to spent money over their hair cut, boys just get rid of hair.

Dressing up
A Girl will dress up for nearly every occasion shopping, water the plants, empty the garbage, answer the phone, read a book, or get the mail.
Boys will dress up for the following: weddings, funerals.
Boys would usually take 10 to 15 minutes to get set and go, Girls just take their time

same goes for packing

Girls always win in arguments

Girls are full of emotions, and they express their feeling at every occasion, boys just don't.

Share your ideas if any.
Take care all readers


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