Why Vitamin C is Important?
The answer is simple . Vitamin C is a very important micro-nutrient and carries out multiple functions in the body.  It helps to better defend ourselves from common colds , flu by boosting the immune system. It has an antioxidant effect and its proper use is recommended especially for smokers who are subjected to a harmful effect of free radicals. In addition, it has an anti-aging property. It also helps to combat iron deficiency anemia (caused by lack of iron) and improves mood. Vitamin C is essential for our body but our body is unable to synthesize it by itself which make it very important to be certain to consume proper amount from foods containing Vitamin C or take vitamin C supplements.

Foods containing Vitamin C:
Sources of Vitamin C includes most citrus fruits like oranges, lemon , Guava, black currants, kiwi, strawberries Papaya, Lychee,  Pineapple, Brussels Sprouts,Cantaloupe, Kale and vegetables including tomatoes, green Chili peppers, broccoli, arugula, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach.

Rose hips are particularly high in vitamin C content, one of the richest plant sources available. They can be eaten raw, like a berry, if care is used to avoid the hairs inside the fruit. During World War II when German submarines were sinking many commercial ships, citrus fruits from the tropics were very difficult to import.The people of Britain were advised through The Times newspaper, articles in the British Medical Journal, and pamphlets to gather wild-grown rose hips and to make a vitamin C syrup for their children.

Therefore to "arm ourselves" against the flu virus in winter we must stimulate our immune system to give ourselves a shield to defend us from flu or common cold we need a full supplement of vitamin C in form of citrus fruits or other foods that contains vitamin C as mentioned above.

A recent research study by the "Observatory nutritional Grana Padano" has assessed the dietary intake of vitamin C through foods consumed by a sample of approximately 7,600 individuals over 18 years age, their findings suggested that in winter there is a greater consumption of citrus fruits and some vegetables that contains vitamin C, such as tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and legumes in general. The problem was that there were certain Habits of the participants that undermined the efforts of the participants of the study to retain sufficient amount of the Vitamin C and maintain its beneficial activity despite their sufficient intake.

Michela Barichella, Head of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Unit ICP Milan, shed some light on how to tackle this problem and explained how vitamin C could be retained and utilized in the right way to achieve maximum benefits. below are some of the conclusions drawn from the study.

Stability of Vitamin C
The amount of vitamin C present in the food consumed is not sufficient to determine the coverage of the daily requirement necessary to the body because of the easy spoilage or destruction of this important water-soluble micro-nutrient. One may be under the false impression that he or she has consumed enough amount of vitamin c containing foods but the amount that reached the body may vary from the actual amount we think we ingested because it depends on how the foods are processed before eating. 

The reason is that although Vitamin C, while being easily found in fruits and vegetables is also very unstable. In fact, exposure to sun, light, prolonged storage and intense cooking may cause it to lose its properties. For this reason, the amount that we believe that we consumed can be much less than that present in the foods we

Therefore its mandatory to eat fresh sources of Vitamin to ascertain the amount of vitamin we take, do not leave peeled citrus fruits in open air as oxygen degrades vitamin c, consume immediately after peeling. Also do not expose vitamin C containing foods and vegetables to extensive heats. Since its a water soluble vitamin it easily degrades on exposure to heat.If you want to lose less vitamin c then vegetables that are cooked in a microwave oven, steamed or grilled, rest assure that cooking time reduced as much as possible and with limited amount of water. Copper utensils also adds to the degradation of vitamin C. 

Please note that this does not mean you have to eat under cooked foods as that might lead to other bacterial and other infection.I want to emphasize here that only vegetables and fruits that otherwise are protected by its outer covering are safe on the inside once the skin is removed so those foods only may be eaten under cooked or even without cooking.

How much food should you take to get enough Vitamin C?
Recently, the European Food Safety Authority has established the daily intake levels for vitamin C and manganese. The Agency has determined that 90 mg of Ascorbic acid is enough per day which is the equivalent of an average orange to get all the benefits of the valuable vitamin. Just a nice juice a day and you
get the average daily intake of vitamin C to stay healthy. Alternatively, you can consume other citrus fruits like grapefruit, mandarins. Citrus fruits can be consumed after a meal and even at breakfast. They can also be used squeezed or added to salads. , It is also advisable to eat fresh vegetables in season during lunch and dinner.

Habits that destroys Vitamin C.
There are certain habits that would destroy vitamin c even if you take it in sufficient quantity. smoking is on the top of these habits As a single cigarette is known to destroy about 20 mg of vitamin C .

People for whom Vitamin C supplement is absolutely necessary.
Although Vitamin C is necessary for all individuals but but especially important for children and those who suffer from recurrent infections. As a cigarette eliminates over 20 mg of vitamin C, smokers are more prone to vitamin c deficiency therefore its necessary that they should take a lot more vitamin to reach the recommended daily requirement

The post is becoming lengthy so i would stop here, i believe i have discussed the most crutial points regarding the topic, If you believe i have missed something. please comment. Thank you.


  1. I wish I had seen this post a few days earlier. this flu is killing me.

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