There are places on our planet of which many of us do not even know they existed.  They are so beautiful and amazing that you would not believe your eyes This list includes places where it would be a loss not to visit at least once in life time.

Antelope Canyon in Arizona in the United States
This is a very narrow canyon was formed over thousands of years by the erosion of Navajo Sandstone.  The canyon is a very popular destination for photography, but also a dangerous one as in the rainy season the water rushes down the canyon with great force so that, for example, in 1997, 11 tourists were killed in Lower Antelope Canyon by a flash flood. Very little rain fell at the site that day, but an earlier thunderstorm had dumped a large amount of water into the canyon basin, seven miles upstream..

Bambo forest Kyoto, Japan
Pathways are built in the middle of bamboo forest Kyoto Japan which is a great place to relax and the opportunity to walk in the stunning surroundings.

Fingal's Cave on the island of Scotland, Staffan 
The cave was formed 66 million years ago entirely from hexagonally jointed basalt columns within a Paleocene lava flow.

"The Great Blue Hole" in Belize in Central America 
A huge underwater cave, which is up to 124 meters deep.  The area is one of the world's most popular scuba dive sites.

Japan HITACHINAKA located in Hitachi Park
Popular Hitachi Seaside Park, located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan is a flower park and a popular tourist destination. The park with over 3.5 acres of park blooms all year round. In the spring the splendor of this floral beauty is at its peak when more than 4.5 million blue nemophilas bloom all over the park. The blooming period is called “Nemophilia Harmony” and attracts many visitors.

Mendelhall ice cave in Alaska in the United States
The cave is 19 kilometer long glacier located in Mendenhall Valley, about 12 miles (19 km) from downtown Juneau in the southeast area of the U.S. state of Alaska, and while walking in it you can can see how the ice is melting all the time.

Mount Roraima 
The mountain also serves as the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana , these mountains are considered to be one of the oldest mountains, up to 2 billion years old.

Nature Reserve in China Danxia 
These rainbow mountains were born more than 24 million years ago. When minerals of different colors of sand and stones were compressed together, and erosion consumed the surface of the mountains for such a long time the result was the creation of this beautiful piece of natural art.

Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia
The world's largest salt flat is the rainy season as the mirror of heaven.

The Grand Canyon, the Great Canyon in Arizona in the United States
Worn out by the Colorado River 446 kilometer long canyon is the deepest canyon in the world having more than two kilometer depth

The marble caves of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina on the border 
The caves are located on the shores of Lake General Carrera in the middle, and they are formed over a period of 6000 years by the waves grinding the surface of the rocks.
The lake has a surface of 1,850 km² of which 970 km² are in the Chilean Aisén Region, and 880 km² to the Argentine Santa Cruz Province, which makes it the biggest lake in Chile, and the fourth largest in Argentina. In its Western basin, Lake Gen. Carrera has 586 m maximum depth.The lake is known as a trout and salmonidae fishing destination, and also for its Marble Cathedral (marble cave) located at the centre of the lake.

Trolltunga tab in Norway
Trolltunga is a piece of rock "hanging" horizontally out of the mountain about 700 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal close to Tyssedal by the Sørfjorden of the Hardanger Fjord in the municipality of Odda, Norway. The name translated to English is The Troll's tongue. It is open to tourists from June to September.

Tulip fields in Holland
On first view the picture below appears as a computer graphic but its not. The striking colors of the flowering tulip bulbs are a typical sight in Holland during the spring. The bright red, pink and yellow colors are overwhelmingly beautiful and are a must see, or should we say, a must experience!

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine Klevan
Occupied by trees and covered with "Railway Tunnel" is a beautiful romantic attraction. This gorgeous long, leafy tunnel looks like a green dream or a scene from a film - but it can actually be found deep in the forests of Ukraine. Located near the town of Kleven, this luscious green tunnel provides passage for a private train that provides wood to a local factory. Measuring 1.8 miles long, the unusual rail route in Eastern Europe is also a popular spot for lovers' promises.

Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives 
Incredibly beautiful glow in the dark, This plankton light show is like a starry sky on the earth

Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa 
This is Africa's largest waterfall is up to 1600 meters in width.

Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia 
Kamchatka volcano , scary but it is also a magnificent sight.  There are upto 19 active volcanoes that erupts at regular intervals.  Highest mountain is Klyuchevskaya, which is 4.8 kilometers high.

"Whitehaven" beach in Australia's Whitsunday Island 
A seven-mile-long white sand beach is formed over millions of years by the ocean currents carrying sand to the beach.  Snow-white dream beach , it does not absorb heat, so it is pleasing to bare feet.