This is the 4th and final part of the online earning series. In this part I would discuss an online earning resource which I have used myself and earned upto $60 in a month after dedicating 20 minutes everyday. Although its not too much but still its something.

Previously we discussed blogging and Mturk. For starting your own blog you required to spend some money first but for Mturk there was no requirement except for the fact that there was a drawback that you were unable to get your money in cash and you had to spend it in amazon. For U.S and Indian Users it was fine but if you belong to other countries you had no other choice.

The resource that I am discussing right now has no such limitations . It is Called Microworkers . All you have to do is to get yourself a Payza Account to receive your earnings and Its free and unlike Paypal its allowed nearly all over the world Including Pakistan.

click here to get a free account at payza

Like all other Online earning resources Microworkers too have some pros and cons. In this article i would try to discuss both quite clearly so that you don't have to spend a lot of time to get acquainted with microworkers.

The first question that arise in mind is that Is microworkers for real or is it some kind of scam. The answer is Its Real and if it weren’t i would not be writing and explaining about how to get maximum benefit out of it. First of all Let me tell you who can earn more from microworkers.

I you have a blog and it has a page rank of 4 then you would earning very fast from Microworkers as there are many jobs in microworkers which requires only placing a link to other website on the sidebar of your blog and they pay you $3 for just placing a simple link. for Example

PR4 Blog/Websites: Link to games Website $3.00

The second best earners are those whose blog have a page rank of 3 . They Get $2.50 for a simple link placement. As you can see in a recent  snapshot from the Microworkers website below

PR3 Blog/Websites: 100 Word Post + Link to fi… $2.50

After the above two easy money earners if your blog has a page rank 1 then too you can earn a lot in less time. All they require from you is Posting on your blog/website 30 or 50 word post on topic they provide and placing a link they provide in it. They pay you  $0.50 for this job. If you have excellent writing skills this could prove beneficial to you in two ways.
  • You get the fifty cents for writing for your own blog
  • Your blog has more unique content and hence would derive more traffic from google.
Some time they Offer $0.40   for Posting  on even a PR-0  Blog too but thats not often.

That was all about those who owns Blogs or website. Now lets come to those who don’t own any blog or website. Dont worry you too can earn a lot from Microworkers. This may take some time but still you could earn a good amount. I would Try to start from the scratch and explain to you bit by bit.

First step is to Register for free at Microworkers Keep in mind that what ever data you enter at the time of registration you may not be able to change that latter so be very precise. Specially with your postal address and name. Because Microworkers requires Verification by mail and if there is error in your postal address you would never get your letter containing the pin.

After registering you would be able to earn instantly but would not be able to withdraw money until you get your pin. and you would not be able to request for your Pin until you earn a total of over $9.70.

After you reach the above mentioned limit you would then be able to request for Pin. After your request Microworkers would send you a pin by post which may take from 10 to 20 days to arrive.

After opening the letter you would find a Pin Code in the end of the letter. Enter it into the requires place . Its the same place where you initially requested for the pin.

That's it . you are good to go now and you would no longer need any pins for future withdrawals. withdrawals can be done either using Alert Pay or Money Bookers. I use Payza and I am happy with that. I have discussed in detail how to create Payza account in the first article of this series.

Right after registering you would be allowed to do 20 jobs. after first 20 jobs you would have to wait for those jobs to get approved. Be very careful as rejected jobs would lower down your success percentage and therefore you would be unable to do more jobs.

That's all for now as i am tired and want to get some sleep. i would explain the rest of the article in a day or two in which i would let you know about different kinds of jobs, How to do them and the tips and tricks that could lead to earning more money quickly. Please don’t forget to share this and like our facebook page to get newest articles as soon as they are published.


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