This is the second part of the Article series ” A walkthrough for earning money online in your free time”. I have hope that by now you would have read the first part and would have created a Payza account. Okay now lets come to different modes of earning money.
By far the best method of earning money online is that you buy a domain name and a small hosting package and then start your own blog. A blog is a website where you share your ideas about just anything in form of blog posts. Once your blog is stable and it gets listed in Google you can the apply for AdSense . They would give you an advertisement script which you can place at any position in your site and in few hours you would displaying ads on your site.
There are Three types of ads
  • CPC means cost per click : you get money only when someone clicks on the ads
  • CPI/CPM Refers to cost per impression : you get money when ever an ad shows 1000 times on your website.
  • CPA meaning cost per Action : you get payment only when someone after clicking the ad buys the product or any subscription
If you are a good writer and you can write wonderful observations and articles, you can earn Hundreds of dollars per month from AdSense or other pay per view advertising network. The best thing is that once you write an article, It can earn you visitors and money as long as it stays on your blog.
Okay now lets talk about few tips which can help you improve your Blog/website visitors and Google Rankings. Once you have bought a domain name and hosting you can then install a CMS (content management System), these includes WordPress, Xoops, Joomla and so on. My personal recommendation would be WordPress. Remember since everything depends upon your hosting so when you buy hosting just don't buy it from some unknown reseller. I use BlueHost for my websites.

Now After you have purchased Domain name and hosting , the next step is to install a CMS. All good hosting providers have their own one click installers in their control panels so that wont be a problem for you but if you still face any problem you can feel free to ask me here by commenting to this article, you would however require a Facebook account to do that. I can also help you install it for you for only $5 provided that I am free.
Once you have setup wordpress you can choose some free theme but it is not necessary. The first thing you need to do is to create Social Network Linkages to your Blog/Website. Like you can create a Facebook page for your site just like I did, you can check it here to have an idea, and I wont mind if you like my page too ;-) .

The benefit of creating a Facebook page for your website is that you get a wonderful chance of promoting your Blog/Website for free and can persuade your friends to like your page and then their friends and so on. It works like a chain reaction if your Blog content is really interesting. It also help you boost your page rank.  The second you need to do is to Create a twitter account for your site. This would also help in promoting your website.  Another way of promoting your website is to write some articles for others and place links to your website in it. Like if you write an article for a2z articles directory and place your link in it and when it get published you would have a back link from a page rank 1 website for ever. The only restriction is that your article must be unique and not copied from anywhere else.

That’s it , Within few days you would have sufficient visitors to your Blog to apply for AdSense account and you are ready to start your journey of earning money online.

This was all about Earning money online when you can afford to invest some money before earning it. The next part of this Walkthrough series would contain information about earning money online without spending a single cent. I am sure you are waiting for that. Be patient It would be Published within 24 to 48 hours only.


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