Everyone hates karela. Every Child as well as adults frown, the moment they see this vegetable served on their plates. The reason of this hatred is the bitterness of this vegetable . Although everyone remember this vegetable due of its bitter-tasting property, a sweet fact about Bitter Gourd, also known as Bitter Melon or karela in urdu, is that it has a lots of health benefits, nutritional benifits as well as medicinal benefits.

Here are a brief mention of few of its health benefits

Health Benefits
  1. Regular consumption of bitter melon juice has been proven to improve stamina level.
  2. karela or bitter gourd increases energy in body.
  3. This bitter juice helps to strengthen your immune system. This increases your body’s resistance against infections and let you live a healthy life.
  4. Studies suggests that Sleeping patterns improve by drinking its juice regularly.
  5. It contains momordicin and charatin which are known to decrease blood sugar levels so patients suffering from diabetes mellitis can benefit from it.
Important Note: Medicine are prescribed for a very good reason so if any food helps you with your disease that does not means its an alternative to your medication. At most the doctor may titrate the dosage but it can never be a replacement to your drug regimen. In short never stop taking your medication unless the doctor orders you to do that.

Nutritional Benefits
  1. Bitter melons are very low in calories so those who are dieting and diabetics can eat without any worries.
  2. They are filled with precious nutrients which help in rejuvenating your body.
  3. These gourds are an excellent source of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, as well as C.
  4. They are a rich source of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, folic acid, iron, manganese and phosphorus. Each of these elements is necessary for our health like zinc is required for hair, fiolic acid and iron for blood etc
  5. The beta-carotene in bitter gourds is twice as that of broccoli. This helps in vision and repairing epithilial cells.
  6. They have twice the calcium content of spinach which means stronger bones and safeguard from osteoporosis
  7. They contain twice the potassium content of a banana.
  8. They are high in dietary fiber helping those who suffer from constipation.
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