Where does coffee get its name from?
The southwestern region of Kaffa in Ethiopia, whose name the coffee plant bears, is considered to be the cradle of this caffeinated beverage. The legend tells ofa lively herd of goats that remarkably showed no signs of fatigue. At the place where the goats were grazing, the goatherds found a dark green plant that bore green, yellow and red cherry-like fruit - the coffee plant.

Why is coffee bean roasted and What happens to the coffee bean during the roasting process?When roasted, the bean increases in volume through the internal expanding pressure caused by the water evaporation and the roasting gases. At the same time, it becomes lighter because of dehydration. The bean gradually changes its color from pale green to yellow, to yellow-brown, to light brown and ultimately to dark brown.

What do the terms "Robusta" and "Arabica" mean?
The two best-known beans are Arabica and Robusta. The regions for cultivation of the Arabica plant lie between 600 and 1,200 m above sea level. Arabica beans are characterized by especially fine acids and outstanding flavour due to the special growing conditions. Robusta thrives at low altitudes between 300 and 800 m above sea level and prefers regions with heavy rainfall.

Does espresso coffee contain less or more caffeine than does filter coffee?
In contrast to filter coffee, espresso contains less caffeine due to the shorter preparation time - approximately 40 to 60 milligrams. The caffeine content does, however, vary greatly from variety to variety. Basically, the caffeine content of the "Robusta" bean variety is significantly higher than that of the "Arabica" variety of coffee beans.

How hot should the water be when it comes in contact with the coffee?
The optimal brewing temperature of the coffee should lie between 90 and 95 degrees Celsius. According to most experts, the water should not be any hotter because, otherwise, a major part of the essential oils is destroyed. On the other hand, if the water is cooler than 80 °C, the flavoring substances likewise diminish.

Which country is the largest coffee  producer worldwide?
Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world. Having harvested ca. 2,760,000 tonnes of green coffee beans in the 2008 harvest year, Brazil produced 36 percent of the world crop. Its tropical climate offers ideal conditions to grow an outstanding coffee. The Brazilian coffee is determined by its smooth yet aromatic flavor and a fine note of chocolate.

From which country comes the most expensive coffee of the world?
The most expensive coffee in the world is Jamaica Blue Mountain. This Arabic coffee variety grows in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The foggy, cool temperatures and a high precipitation are the main factors of the special climate in the Blue Mountains, which causes the coffee berry to grow considerably slower than usual. The long maturing time creates a special flavor that is greatly prized by coffee experts.

What is the reason if an espresso taste burned?
The correct grind is indispensable for true coffee enjoyment. Too fine of grind results in a coffee that tastes burned; too coarse of a grind results in a thinned-out, watery coffee that leaves a bitter taste.

What is a "ristretto"?
Small, strong, black and potent - a "ristretto" is a concentrated espresso, prepared with less water; usually with half or two thirds the normal amount of water.

In which country is the most coffee drunk per capita?
The Fins have the highest consumption level of coffee in the world. Every resident in Finland consumed an average of 9.9 kg of coffee in 2008, which corresponds to a total of 1650 cups per year or 4.5 cups per day and per person.

What is crema and whats important for getting a perfect crema?
The crema is the golden brown foam on top of a freshly brewed espresso. A perfect crema is the result of the right brewing method with enough pressure and temperature.

How can you test the quality of the crema?
The quality of the crema can be tested using a cube of sugar. If the sugar gradually sinks into the espresso and the crema remains, then the crema is perfect.

What is a "Café Crème"?
The Café Crème is a typically Swiss coffee variety. The coffee is brewed – comparable to espresso – with high pressure which causes this coffee’s typical light coloured crema. Characteristically, the coffee beans for a Café Crème are light or medium roasted – as in Davidoff Café Café Crème. The classical dark roast of an espresso is too intense and is therefore not suitable for this particular kind of coffee.

What is the perfect amount of coffee in grams for an espresso?
The perfect dosage is 7-8 g of coffee for 40-50 ml of water. To ensure that the water runs smoothly through the coffee, press the coffee in the portafilter down with a tamper. Less pressure may lead to a bitter taste.

How does an espresso differ from a filter coffee?
Espresso is often referred to as a certain type of coffee, but in fact there are no special "espresso beans". The main fact that makes the difference between Espresso and a filter coffee is the roasting process. In comparison to the procedure for filter coffee, "dark roasting" requires a longer roasting process, thus giving the beans a darker tone and an unmistakably intense, full-bodied aroma.

Where were the first coffee houses opened up?
The first coffeehouses were opened in Mecca and were called ‘kaveh kanes’. They quickly spread throughout the Arab world and became “schools of knowledge” where chess was played, gossip was exchanged, and singing, dancing and music were enjoyed. The first Austrian coffeehouse was opened by the Armenian Johannes Diodato in Vienna in 1697.

How many flavor components are there in a roasted coffee?
With approximately 800 aromatic essences, roasted coffee is one of the richest foods in essential oils. The aromatic essences do not develop, however, until going through the roasting process, and are not present as such in the raw bean. In combination with the tongue, your nose can detect even hidden aromas. Light, clear, mild, full, floral, fruity or sweet can be determined as well as hints of cardamom or Merlot.

What is the "Coffee Belt"?
Outstanding coffees only thrive in special regions of the world. These regions extend themselves around the Equator between the northern and southern 25th parallel, and form the so-called coffee belt. The warm, humid climate with nearly constant temperatures between 17 and 23 °C offer the ideal growing conditions. The most significant coffee-producing countries are Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam und Indonesia.

What is a coffee blend? 
A coffee blend is the combination of different coffee varieties to create an extra special blend or mix.

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