In this post you would find documented proof that has been presented to public by different private television networks of as well as print media ans social media of Pakistan against Ch. Arsalan Iftikhar, who is son of ex chief justice of Pakistan. He is popularly known as Don amongst businessmen because of his behaviour and has been in the spotlights for a couple of days.  Ch. Arsalan Iftikhar was appointed as Vice President Board of Investment Balochistan by CM Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch. According to political analyst and different television channels anchors, his appointment was apparently a reward of the excellent services Ex-Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chowdhry rendered to Pakistan Muslim Leaque Nawaz.

After Imran Khan exposed chief justice of Pakistan in in his speech and announced 14th August 2014 Long March towards Islamabad PML-N put forward Arsalan Iftikhar to malign and defame Imran Khan. Arsalan Iftikhar has started doing the same thing that his father accused Malik Riaz of doing; planted TV shows. Through their influence, Arsalan Iftikhar is appearing on numerous channels even when he doesn’t have any portfolio and is justifying his baseless stance. On the request on several visitors we have decided to put the relevant documents for public view so that people could make their own decision of whether to trust this person or not.

Obtaining Gratis Status passport Illegally.

According to this Arsalan Iftikhar got his passport in 2011 at which time his age according to the passport was 32 years.  The problem is Arsalan didn’t deserve the Gratis Status passport because the Gratis Status passport can not be issued to children of employees who are married and above 28 years age. May be he could explain in better way as how he was able to get this?.

Obtaining a Govt Post Illegally and then being Absent from it:

Ch. Arsalan Iftikhar was inducted into police force and sent for training and without any relevant qualification and without passing any public or provincial service commission exam he was appointed probably on the basis of his qualification that he was son of chief justice of pakistan. Anyways even from such easily obtained job he was absent from duty from 09th March 2007 against which a disciplinary action took place and the case was forwarded to FIA for investigation. It is worth mentioning here that the FIA had no connections with Mr. Iftikhar’s department and was not authorized to take any actions. The following documents are evidential proof of how Ch. Arsalan Iftikhar misused the power of his father to get rid of this subject even.

below is documented proof

Arsalan Iftikhar who is son of Ex-Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry claims to run an IT business with no IT qualification has made frequent trips to United Kingdom on the expense of Salman Ahmed Khan of Bahria Town (PVT) Ltd. Obviously the visits were results of providing illegal help in different court cases according to Media sources and businessmen. Arsalan in one of the recent shows claimed that he owns a 2007 model car and isn’t rich enough to afford a lot of luxuries. The following documents are clear proofs that the Rajkumar has been spending money of Salman Ahmed Khan for his personal stays. Even if he was an employee in IT deptt of bahria town , no employe gets luxuries. He spent 4000 British Pounds wich equals approximately over 0.6 million Pakistani Rupees just on car leasing. He selected Range Rover for his travel in the United Kingdom. Attached below are all the documented proof

Apart from there are some more documented proofs some of which is given below.

Please note that we have mentioned Arsalan iftikhar's father name along with his name so that Another world famous Arsalan Iftikhar who i believe is a very decent person is not mistakenly defamed.

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The person who Appointed Arsalan Iftikhar is himself admitting that Arsalan appointment was forced by his father Ex Chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.


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