Are you a facebook user? well tens of thousands of facebook profiles are fake, and most of them are girls profiles. Today i am going to tell you about a trick which can help you find out fake profiles and fake profile pictures. plus you can also know who is stealing your picture for their own fake facebook profile.
Lets continue , here in this tutorial i’ll sow you how you can find out if that gorgeous girl on facebook you’ve been talking to recently is real or just a creepy boy messing with you! So how do you do that? The answer is Reverse Image Lookups so lets come to the point and not waste more time and get started with the real deal.
You can also use this guide to find out  if some one is simply stealing your images and posting them as theirs.
STEP 1: Go to facebook profile you want to check. and right click on users photo and click on view image. Do same with your photo and you can find if some one is using it without your permission on internet!
STEP 2: Open a new tab and browse to its an reverse image search service, which lets you look for similar images over millions of webpages in their database. Its a free service and requires no sign up.

STEP 3: Upload the image or give the image url you got from step one and submit the form.
STEP 4: Wait of search results to appear, you’d get link to pages hosting same or slightly modified picture of person you’re tracking. If you have one of those friends who change their photo everyday and look like a model you’ll be surprised by the results.
STEP 5: If you find out that your online ‘girlfriend’ is a fake, its about time  you start going out and seeing people in real life.
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