Few days back i updated my internet explorer to the latest version. Internet explorer 11 is actually quite impressive with fast browsing experience. After using it for some time i thought of comparing it with Google chrome so i downloaded the standalone version of Google chrome with the help of my download manager within seconds instead of waiting for the online downloading and installation which takes a lot of time. You can also download Google chrome directly just click here . After the installation was complete i started browsing and everything seemed to be working fine.

Regarding comparison i concluded that with the new version of internet explorer there is now very little difference in the browser experience of both browsers. i kept on tweaking with chrome and enabled some extensions and changing some settings until i was satisfied and then I shut down my PC.

The surprise came up after few hours when I turned on my PC and visited my blog to write a new post. it didn't took any time for me to realize that something was wrong with my blog, the Google Adsense advertisements were not showing up and the Facebook like box (Facebook social plugin) was also missing. First i thought it was some problem in my blog but after checking everything i didn't find any problem with the blog template.

Then i turned to Google search to see if anyone else had faced the same problem but unfortunately non of the search result was helpful. i tried different terms like " Google ads vanished in chrome" , " Facebook like box not showing in chrome " etc but all in-vain.

Then i checked my Google chrome browser settings to check if JavaScript was enabled, It was enabled however i disabled it and then re-enabled it but still no change. Now i was kind of angry. I opened internet explorer and checked my blog in there and thanked God that everything was fine here. At least i was a bit relaxed that the problem was in chrome browser only. 

After wasting about 20 or more minutes when  i decided to uninstall chrome stepped on the chrome blog. Finally i found the answer. as i was reading what was new in the latest version i found that the latest changes included the addition of  a "reset browser settings" button, which makes it possible to return to Chrome factory-fresh state. I found in the “Advanced Settings” section of Chrome settings.

As soon as i reset the settings all the problems were gone , Ads were now showing up again and Facebook like box came back too. I then scraped the idea of uninstalling Google chrome after all its still the lightest browser in the world. I hope if you are facing the same problem this would solve it for you.


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