Website promotion is one of the biggest headache after creation of website or blog. Actual need of it arises when you want to earn from your website as well and require lots of visitors as well as a higher page rank.

If your website is linked from more websites , this could significantly improve your website or blog’s Google page ranking and hence more visitors.

Here in this post I would discuss some old ways and one new way of promoting your website.

1,  Blogs 

This one is the old one, Search Google for your desired keyword and then check for a wordpress blog. most of them allow commenting on their posts once you register with them, like for example you can Articlebase etc. , Some blogs also allow commenting on posts but approve topic related comments and no links inside the comment otherwise your comment would be directed to spam by askimet.

Here is the trick. once you register, edit your profile and then add your website address in your profile. This way when ever you comment in that blog your name would be linked to your website so when anyone clicks on your name they would be taken to your website or blog.

Even if you register through Facebook or yahoo or Google, you still can edit your profile and put your website link into it.

2. Forums
This is rather very old method and due to sever miss-usage the forum owners have devised new methods of countering spammers or website promoters. these methods includes “Project Honey Pot” and “Stop forum Spam”. if you violate rules of any such forum like for example this Forum which used these services on registration, After Violating their rules your email address would be red flagged all over the world and you would never again be able to register with any other forum with that email address again if that is using These services too. SO BE VERY CAREFUL and only post related content and be friendly with such forums.

3. Disqus Comments  
This is the newest way of promoting your website. Go to website, Register there. and then edit your profile. There would be a place where you can enter your website address into your profile. After doing that , you are now ready to go. Any website that uses Disqus comment system, just comment on their posts and again be aware that your comment should not be spam or contain any links or your id might be flagged.  After you comment you would see that your Name Hyper-links to your website or blog just like on this website comments. Don’t have a Disqus profile yet? You can easily sign up for one here.

Thats all for now. if you have any other tricks or ways to website promotion or blog promotion dont forget to share with us and write a positive comment if you like it. Click the share button below to dig or reddit it, you can also share this article on Facebook.

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