This is the Third and the second last part of the online earning article series, in the previous two articles we discussed about Payment receiving options and earning from blogs after investing a little bit before starting earning.
In this article I am going to discuss earning online without spending a single penny. You just have to sign-up and start earning. Ok Lets start with the first Option.
Mturk is a kind of side business of Thousands of employers post different jobs on Mturk Website and they call it “HITS” . Once you sign up at you can then choose amongst those thousands of jobs and do only those which suits you the most.
The hits includes a variety of different types starting from simple Facebook like to complex surveys and article writing, and proof reading. Other simple jobs includes transcription jobs and receiving a transcription, translation, and writing down text from an image. 
Once you accept a job you have then three options
  • Complete the Hit
  • Return the hit
  • Leave it without doing anything (not recommended)
After accepting the job and completing and submitting it, the next step would be to wait for the employer to approve your hit and issue payments. Remember that there is a 10 days waiting period for newly registered workers. after
that the payments made becomes your property. Usually a hit is approved and payments are made within two days but some times it may take up-to one month depending on the employer.
If you think that you cant do the job just return it. because if you leave it unfinished and don’t return it then it would ruin your percentage of completed tasks and you wont be able to do a lot of jobs with low percentage in future.
The best thing in Mturk is that you can contact the employer directly at any stage and you would definitely get a reply. Once you are paid by the employer you can then transfer your money to your amazon account to add to your gift certificate balance. The minimum amount you can transfer to your amazon gift certificate account is $1.

If you live in the U.S then you are lucky. you can easily utilize the money earned from mturk but if you reside outside U.S then you would be facing a little problem. Amazon don’t allow you to send money earned from mturk to someone else. The second drawback is that you cant buy amazon gift card with your earned money too. so you are stuck. You have only two options. Create a bank account (foreign currency) and then receive the payments in checks and you would be loosing $15 in every check deposit.

The second option is that if you have some relative in the U.S then you can buy anything you need from amazon and send it to the address of your relative. who can then send it to you.

Which jobs to do in Amazon Mturk?

The answer to this question is a bit complex because it depends on two thing, The amount of time you can spare and the type of work you can do. if you ask me , I like taking surveys a lot as they are reliable and they also pays better. For those people who are good at typing can do the transcription jobs in which you a given a piece of audio and you are asked to write down the content of the audio.
Mturk is the best online earning money option but the biggest problem with it is that they have no system for international workers and it seems that they are not interested in resolving this issue at all.
In the next article we would be discussing another online earning technique that is better in many ways as compared to Mturk.

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